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We aggregate groups.drupal.org/events and make some manual improvements like adding the location, link, logo and so on and provide this information in a useful and nice way. If your event is missing, simply create it on the Drupal Groups Event site - some days later it will be listed here. Checkout the latest improvements in the Changelog and find open tasks and challenges in the TODO.

Web Application Playground

The single site approach makes heavy use of Javascript. Basically it holds events in a JSON object and prints them out without the need of a page reload including client side filtering. The basic site behind is a normal Drupal one. Some future functional improvements will be to provide an interface that external sites can aggregate the revised events including filter options.

How do you pronounce it?

Drupical is coming from the word "tropical", so you say it like that. At the same time it is Drupal + Calendar. More background info here.

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