• Switching to HTTPS
    Let's Encrypt!


  • Improve usability of event type filter
    The icons (which are technical just checkboxes) now behave differently if all are checked, in this case a click on one will only select that.



  • Highlight Drupalcons
    Ensure Drupalcon events are always on top of other events



  • Short title
    From the beginning we shortend event titles like "The Central Denver September Meeting (2013)" to "The Central Denver Meeting" (stripping out dates and locations, etc).
    Now there is a new "short title" field which will be used for the event names in the overview, leaving orignial title untouched (important e.g. for indexing of detail page).


  • Route via Google Maps
    Added a link to Google Maps to plan your route to the event venue within 1 click.


  • Order of Map Markers
    Set the zIndexOffset option for Leaflet map markers. Upcoming events are now on top of those that come later. Before it was kind of random.
    However, someday a (not yet defined) nice way of clustering markers will be implemented.
  • Update Leaflet version
    from 0.4.4 to 0.4.5


  • iOS/Mobile click misbehavior
    Use "bind" again instead of "delegate" for jQuery event binding on event list.
    (delegate should be faster but produce a wrong native click feedback)


  • Delivery Performance Step 1 - Content Delivery Network
    Using Amazon Cloud Front (with CDN Module) to deliver static content (Images, Javascript, CSS) faster worldwide.


  • iOS Native Scrolling
    Native scrolling for iOS >= 5 with "-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch"


  • Homescreen icons (iPhone/iPad) + Splash Screen
    reveal the power by adding the website to your iOS homescreen!
  • English Corrections
    Some minor corrections in about/description text by Mark - thx!


  • JS-Fallback / WAI / SEO + (Microformat)
    Basic event listing when Javascript is disabled
  • Show events as long as not over
    Now end date is used or if not set then start date +2 hours
    (before only start date was used and caused that ongoing events were not listed)
  • NoSript / Loading hint
    Better notice when Javascript is disabled, Web application loading indicator


  • Do not display time if it is 00:00
    e.g. London CiviCon 2012, United Kingdom, London, 19. September 2012 00:00


  • Counter of upcoming events
    Counter of events in footer (in normal responsive mode)
  • City and State
    Show country + city + state (before only country was shown)
    State is shown in two letter version (if provided by addressfield module)
  • Time
    Show start and if set end time (only for one day events)
  • Event List
    Better HTML/CSS style (floating stuff), no indent, etc.
  • Date Circles on Event List
    Turn circles on event list from SVG into images with CSS width 100%


  • Colors ans Icons
    Some color changes and replaced inactive stati of buttons/added text-decoration


  • Reset
    A click onto the drupical logo should reset everything
    (for now done with simple "/" link)


  • Twitter links for events
    Add twitter @name and #hashtag link
  • List events as long day is not over (worldwide)
    Add 12 hours to UTC time
  • Date display
    Correct the display for dates where begin is in one month and end in another month (eg. 30.11 - 1.12) from "30-1. November 2012" to "30-1. December 2012"
    Add public TODO and CHANGELOG page and link in about page


  • Release
    Presentation at Drupal Meetup Vienna