• Speed!
    Before adding more functional stuff the goal is that drupical loads as fast as possible.
    1. Delivery
      • Use a Content Delivery Network for static files (CDN)
      • Reduce page requests (Image Sprites, Better JS/CSS aggregation)
      • Reduce file sizes
    2. Client-Side
      • Clever loading of files
      • Test/Optimize routines
    3. .. more to define ..


  • HTML 5 Geolocation
    Option to locate your current position and list events ordered by distance
    (suggested during skype presentation with @drupalsommerset meetup)
    Use kilometer as default and if possible to determine mile in USA/UK/?
  • Show map on mobile view
    Option to show the map in the mobile responsive mode
    (suggested during skype presentation with @drupalsommerset meetup)
    Will be something like show map -> Display map full width/height -> "Back to list" / "Close map"
  • Export functionality with filters (RSS, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • More filters: Date from/to, Time, City, ...
  • Show online events in some special way
    They are not listed yet as there is no location for the map
    Show time in UTC and point out that it is UTC
  • What to do with subevents of major events
    Useful to list subevents (training, sprints, etc.) of Drupalcons/Camps?
    Problem with many markers.
  • What to do with repeating events (once a week for the next 2 month)
    How to list events that are "small" but during a long period like courses. (e.g. every Friday 4-6pm, Jun 5 - Aug 28), e.g.
    At current they stick on top of all other events as soon as they begin.
    -> Only show till start date! (but must be flagged - or better: autodetected)
  • Backbutton-Support / Links with Hash
    History handling via
    (this includes especially backbutton for about overlay page)
  • Google font loading causing height change
    Currently done via setTimeout calls, should react on "fontactive" event
  • Consider timezone offset of events
    At current timezone isn't used at all
  • More Accessibility (WAI) optimization
  • SVG Circles
    Use SVG again for circles next to event list (looks much better on e.g. iPhone) - but only if browser supports it, fallback to images
  • Code Cleanup
    Cleanup Javascript and CSS, Check for JS closures and memory usage
  • Print
    Use media query print and to have a correct/useful print mode
  • Track Changes
    Check events periodically to track changes on date/location/etc.
  • Events with multiple locations
    How to handle it? E.g.
  • Bookmarkable Map Views + Filter
    Hi, I love Drupical and had a feature request if you like it maybe you could add to TODO :) I'd like to be able to set a bookmark to a page that shows only the events I want. So in the URL you can specify which event types not to show (e.g. if you're not interested in Sprints for example) and also coordinates of what part of the map to show and a zoom level. Basically I want to be able to set a link in my browser I can visit to have the map appear to exactly the location I'm interested in showing the type of events I'm interested in. Very bookmark-able, something I could refer back to every few days! (A way to subscribe to notifications about events added/changed appearing within that particular range and type would be amazing!)
  • Too early disappearance of events
    End Date without time (which has time 00:00) does not stay till end of day
  • Provide an ical feed
    as suggested here:
  • Add to calendar functionality